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With over two decades of experience providing professional service firms with electronic cost capture, Softlog Systems Australia is the only wholly Australian owned, operated and dedicated supplier of Cost Management and Recovery Solutions.

Softlog markets, installs, trains and partners with our Clients directly ensuring that your revenue generating Softlog System is not only hardware independent but supported by our team of specialists directly. Our continued evolution, flexibility and industry expertise are just part of the reason that Softlog is the preferred option for Professional Service Firms.

Softlog Systems Australia partners with our Clients in every aspect of our service and support. We achieve this by providing our Clients with the following support resources;

  • Local technical support in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth
  • Highly experienced National Account Management and Clients Services teams
  • Australian based, National Support Department with excellent service level delivery and response times
  • Australian based, product development team driving leading edge product development and innovation

Extremely proud to be wholly Australian owned and operated, Softlog Systems Australia is achieving great success internationally with growing markets in South Africa, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia and the Philippines.

Most importantly, we understand the professional services market because we work with a vast number of professional service Firms from the very small, to the top-tier. Our industry knowledge and expertise coupled with our dedicated support teams, ensures that our Clients don’t simply “buy a software system” instead, they invest in a partnership that results in seamless implementations, comprehensive training, outstanding support and the highest possible cost recovery revenue results.

The internal Softlog aim is to provide an environment where staff can work collaboratively to build good product, present well to the market place and share achievements.

Softlog working together for the good of our clients, for personal growth and for the continued success of Softlog Systems Australia. There is strength in unity.

Softlog; the preferred choice of professional firms.

Why Choose Softlog Systems Australia?

  • Softlog Systems Australia is wholly Australian owned and operated
  • We provide local on-site technical support throughout Australia
  • We provide local experienced account management throughout Australia
  • We offer industry standard workstation options
  • We offer MFD On-board copy solutions for most major brands
  • Our core clients are 95% professional service firms
  • We have an extensive knowledgebase of professional service firms best practice
  • Softlog offers the most comprehensive product suite
  • Softlog delivers client centric service delivery and ongoing development
  • It’s more equitable for clients to be charged for work on a user pays basis
  • It’s more profitable for the firms to charge for work on a user pays basis
  • Cost recovery revenue compensates the cost of service provision infrastructure
  • Cost recovery revenue provides an option for discounting that doesn’t detract from the firm brand value
  • For many firms, cost recovery revenue is a silent Fee Earner
  • Enables firms to ascertain the true cost of service for clients and matters
  • Provides meaningful data for equipment and infrastructure management Provides meaningful data for departmental usage and budgeting
  • Assists in the management of wastage and inappropriate usage
  • Provides access to current and historical audit trails of all transactions
  • Accurate measurement provides meaningful data and business intelligence