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Jim Raeside
Jim RaesideCompany Director
Jim has been involved with Softlog since 1988 and founded Recovery Systems in 1990 exclusively to distribute the Softlog suite of products. Being involved originally in the office equipment industry, the concept of cost capture was first seen as a means of helping firms to cover the cost of acquiring new photocopiers.

As capture technology evolved to cover additional areas of cost, the company continued to develop and specialise in cost capture for the professional market.”

Jim spent 16 years in the office equipment industry as sales person, sales manager and sales director before turning his full time commitment to Softlog and Recovery Systems.

Jim is a happily married family man with 4 children and a grandson. Interests include golf (8 handicap but still working on it), blues music and footy.

Lee-Anne Raeside
Lee-Anne RaesideCompany Director
Lee-Anne Raeside has had a diverse career being involved in both sales and business management and Community Psychology over a combined 25 year period. Initially within her own businesses Lee-Anne managed and motivated large sales teams towards becoming independent business people. Lee-Anne has been a strong advocate for disenfranchised groups and marginalise people of the community providing keynote addresses in Parliament and other Government Departments. Lee-Anne has also developed and presented empowerment interventions to groups of people in rural settings. Lee-Anne has managed two Drug and Alcohol Agencies within the Western Australian Government providing management, training and supervision to both clinical staff and volunteers.

After realising that retirement was not for her Lee-Anne has taken up the reins once more to be part of the Specialist team for Softlog Systems Australia.

Derek Farrell
Derek FarrellTechnical Director
Derek Farrell is one of the original founders of Softlog and had opted for early retirement. Derek was invited back to head the technical division.

Derek provides creative insight coupled with a realistic view of what can be done. Derek’s vision and practical application of Softlog resources helps to deliver the evolution and dependability of the Softlog product.

Derek provides a bridge for the Softlog development team interpreting client aspirations as presented by our sales and customer care staff and the performance feedback presented by the national help desk team.

Derek is a musician (does the Ukulele qualify as an instrument?), husband, grandfather but knows nothing about real football AFL.

Cherie O'Toole
Cherie O'TooleConsultant / Agent
Previously the National Sales and Marketing Manager for Softlog Systems for over 10 years, Cherie is now a Consultant to Softlog Systems Australia and Agent through her company FeePay Funding.

Having spent the last two decades working almost exclusively in the Professional Services sector, Cherie has extensive knowledge, skills and insight into the Softlog product suite and its application and adoption by firms nationally.

Roscoe Karsten
Roscoe KarstenBusiness Development Manager
Roscoe has been a part of the Softlog family since 2010. Having originally learnt his trade while working with Softlog’s distributor in South Africa, he welcomed the opportunity to join the Softlog team in Australia in 2014.

Tasked with new business development in Victoria, Roscoe also works closely all of the Softlog departments to ensure that Softlog clients are attaining the best results possible from their Softlog system.